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Rehabilitation Specialist

Rehabilitation plays a critical role in helping men and women restore normal function and mobility following an accident or injury, as well as helping them avoid future injuries. At Mouroux Chiropractic, Dr. Brad Mouroux offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation services to help each patient enjoy better health and improved mobility. Dr. Brad's office is in West San Jose, CA, but he serves patients from all the surrounding areas including Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Cambrian Park, and Willow Glen.

Rehabilitation Q & A

by Bradley Mouroux, DC, CCSP, CPAK

What is chiropractic rehabilitation?

Chiropractic rehabilitation is a program of therapy designed to help patients recover and regain function following an injury, disease, or certain types of surgery. Rehabilitation programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual patient, and each program can include a range of activities that can be performed in the office as well as at home to help patients recover as quickly as possible. Rehabilitation can be especially important for athletes of all levels who sustain injuries that can have an impact on their ability to participate in their activities. Plus, programs can also help patients learn important techniques to prevent injuries in the future and enjoy better musculoskeletal health.

What happens during rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation begins with a physical exam and an evaluation of mobility, strength, and other factors to determine the most appropriate activities and to “map out” the course of therapy. The evaluation may include hands-on examinations, range-of-motion exercises, and other active and passive activities, as well as diagnostic imaging and other tests. Patients will also be asked about their own objectives and their lifestyles to ensure the program is based on their needs. Once this information is gathered, a therapy program will be developed for the individual patient. During therapy, ongoing evaluations will help ensure the patient stays on track and the activities evolve with the patient’s changing needs.

How long will I need to be in rehabilitation?

The length of any rehabilitation program depends on the injury or condition being treated, the patient’s overall health, the patient’s individual treatment objectives and other factors. During the initial consultation, you can discuss the approximate length of therapy. It’s important to understand, though, that the length of treatment can change over time, and regular evaluations during therapy will help ensure the program remains optimized for the patient’s specific needs.


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  • "The staff is always very friendly. Dr. Brad knows what he is doing and fixes me everytime I need it. He explains very well, what is most likely going on so I can understand it and does a couple things and makes me feel normal again. Very informative and friendly. I was very hesitant going to a chiropractor in general but Dr. Brad made me feel comfortable and deals with my stubborn bones. Well worth the first visit because you will keep going back"
    Summer O.
  • "I always leave feeling just right. Thank you!"
    Holly J.
  • "My 80 year-old husband felt relief in his pain level even from the very first visit. We have great expectations for the future treatments."
    Don L.
  • "Dr. Moreaux is very thorough, looking at the whole body instead of just the area of pain. He was able to diagnose the issue (shoulder injury) quickly and provide a multitude of techniques and approaches to provide relief. Dr. Moreaux was personable, caring, and attentive. Thank you for the wonderful service."
    LINDA H.
  • "Dr. Brad is patient, well informed, gentle honest and forthright. He is extremely knowledgeable and practices a whole body wellness approach. I have been going to him for a couple of years now and he has never tried to push me to come more than I need or can. His adjustments always make me feel better !!"
    SUBHA T.
  • "Dr Brad is a great Chiropractic doctor and has a holistic mind set. He always listens patiently and has always fixed my neck, back pain. He is patient, gentle and has a great attitude."
    SUBHA T.